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Recipe || Steamed Artichoke

Updated: Dec 3, 2021


Steamed artichokes are my second favorite food (after potatoes of course). These delicious thistles are full of nutrients and fiber. You'll need: Artichokes Dipping Sauce (I like Hellman's Vegan Mayonnaise) Directions: Thoroughly rinse your artichokes Cut off the stem as well as the top tip of the artichoke Use kitchen scissors to snip off points of each leaf Bring water to a boil Place artichoke in steamer basket, cover, and boil on medium for approximately 45 minutes To test the artichoke, use tongs to pull off a leaf. If it comes off easily, your artichoke is ready to eat. Enjoy with some yummy vegan dipping sauce! #vegshe #vegsherecipes #foodiefriday #veganrecipes #artichokes #veganrecipes


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