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Vegan In Bali

My husband and I took a lovely trip to Bali, Singapore, and Melbourne Australia for our Honeymoon in 2018. I'll be focusing on the vegan food and lodging we enjoyed in Bali.

A couple of travelers tips:

- Check with your doctor before travelling to ensure you have the right vaccinations.

- You cannot drink the water in Bali. Be prepared to purchase bottled water only.

- Because you cannot drink the water, it is not recommended that you eat fresh veggies or fruits unless you can peel off the skin. Order and eat hot foods only.

- Even though I was cautious, I did get some sort of food/water poisoning. I brought antibiotics with me in preparation for that possibility and I was back on my feet in 24 hours.

- There's a lot of traffic on Bali so expect it to take a long time to get anywhere. It is often most cost effective to hire a driver for the duration of your trip. I know that sounds a bit luxurious and it's not the norm for us to travel that way but, it made the most sense on this island. I can recommend a great driver if you need one!

- Be mindful of stray dogs as well as monkeys. The stray dogs on this island are mistreated and can be aggressive. If you have any loose items on you at all, monkeys will steal them. Do not approach the monkeys, stare at them, or try to feed them. You will quickly discover that they can be quite dangerous.

- Be respectful of the animals and the lovely people on this island and you will have a great trip!

In this article, I'll be telling you about my favorite vegan options in Bali as well as the two places we stayed. I am organizing by district.




Kuta Paradiso Hotel

For the first part of our trip we stayed at the Kuta Paradiso hotel. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend this location for lodging. The rooms were clean and spacious and the staff was very friendly.

Tasty Vegan Poppies

This adorable gem of a restaurant was walking distance from our hotel.

We ate at vegan poppies several times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Tasty Vegan Poppies Website



Earth Café Earth Café is a wonderful restaurant in market. The location in Seminyak closed in 2020 but, the location in Ubud is still open.

Earth Café Website



For the second part of our trip, we stayed at the Kamajaya Ubud Villas. The villas were stunning. Each private villa is very quiet and clean. If you need anything at all from town, the staff is able to pick it up for you. And, their additional services like breakfast brought to your room and in-room massages will make you want to stay forever.

Earth Café Ubud

Earth Cafe in Ubud was a great place to eat and shop for vegan food. Their restaurant is located above the market. If you get a seat on the balcony, you experience a beautiful view of the surrounding jungles.

Earth Café Website


Island Fruit:

Bali has a lot of unique and delicious fruits available. As I mentioned in my travel tips, if you can peel the fruit or remove the skin, you don't need to concerned about getting water/food poisoning. The most unique fruit we found on this trip was snake fruit. We really enjoyed it. It has a light flavor and the texture is almost like dry lychee. You can find it in any market. You can even buy it freeze dried for a crunchy snack.


Bali is a unique and magical place. I highly recommend that you add it to your travel wish list.

If you get a chance to visit Bali, I want to hear all about your vegan finds!

Be sure to comment below with your favorites!


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