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Vegan In San Francisco

My husband and I make it a point to visit San Francisco once a year. There's so much about this city that keeps us coming back for more. In this article, I'll be telling you about our favorite vegan finds in the foggy city. I've organized our food finds by district/neighborhood.


Mission District:

The Mission District in San Francisco is so named for Mission Dolores built in 1776. It has a lots of wonderful boutique stores, restaurants, and the famous Dolores Park.

Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar and Izakaya

This restaurant should be on your list! The dark and intimate vibe of this restaurant is something to behold. Shizen is always busy, rightfully so. If you want a table here, you better make a reservation well in advance. Everything on the menu is good, everything! If it's your first time at Shizen, I would recommend the garlic edamame to start, any of the specialty rolls, and finish it off with a delectable dessert.

Pictured Below: Lychee Strawberry Sangria, Shishito Peppers, Gyoza, Avocado Cucumber Roll, Body and Soul Roll, Brownie with Green Tea Ice Cream


Boba Guys

Boba Guys has locations in California and New York. While they are not a 100% vegan establishment, they are very vegan friendly. As far as milks go, they offer Califia Almond and Oatly Oat Milk (my personal fav). Their strawberry matcha latte is my favorite but, a close second is their Jasmine "milk" tea.

Pictured Below: Jasmine Milk Tea with Oat Milk and Boba


Hayes Valley:

Hayes Valley is not a neighborhood where I have spent much time. Other than eating at BAIA and Salt & Straw (their vegan ice cream options are scrumptious) my experience with this part of town is limited.


If you aren't familiar with Chef Matthew Kenney, it's about time you become familiar. Kenney 's vegan restaurants can be found all over the world. My number one all-time favorite restaurant, Plant Food + Wine, is one of his establishments.

BAIA is a beautiful, upscale, Italian inspired vegan restaurant. I recommend that you make reservations in advance. And, come hungry, you're going to want to try everything on this menu.

FULL TRANSPARENCY! We ate almost all of the food before we could take photos but, you can find lovely pictures on the BAIA Website.

Pictured below: Caesar Salad, Torta, Spumoni Mousse



As a non-native, I'll do my best to describe this neighborhood. This area is divided between Inner and Outer Sunset. If I had to choose a neighborhood to live in I'd pick Outer Sunset. I like it because it's quiet, it's a comfortable distance from the hustle and bustle, and it's a short walking distance from Golden Gate Park.

Cybelle's Front Room

This family-owned business is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. They have two menus, one that is totally vegan and one that is not. They separate their cooking surfaces to accommodate a 100% vegan experience.

Let me start by saying that even though this restaurant is casual and family-friendly, it is quite pricey. Because I eat here on vacation, I am willing to splurge. However, if I was a local, I'd save this place for special occasions. I am not saying their food isn't worth the price, it's just not sustainable as a regular dining experience.

Money aside, everything on this menu is a delicious gut bomb of fantastic vegan-ness. Everything on this menu just proves that anything you can eat, I can eat vegan. I highly recommend that you show up hungry and ready to grub.

Pictured below: Vegan Garlic Knots, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Oreo Beignets

Annie's Hot Dogs

You can find Annie's Hot Dog carts all over Golden Gate Park. I've never really liked hot dogs, even when I did eat meat. I've also never really like veggie dogs either. Well I'll be damned the Annie's hot dog carts serve a mean vegan hot dog. If you're strolling through the park I highly recommend you grab a bite.

Pictured: Annie's Vegan Dog


Financial District:

As a tourist, the financial district in San Francisco has always felt like the busiest part of town. Home to towering buildings, major hotel chains, and rooftop bars. The East Side of this district is bordered by the famous Ferry Building.

Gott's Soft Serve

Gott's Soft Serve, located in the Ferry Building is not vegan. Never fear, they do serve 100% vegan Oatly Soft Serve. This creamy delicious treat is great, even on a cold Bay Area day. Their flavors include: vanilla, chocolate, and swirl.


Nob Hill:

Nob Hill has a reputation for being the fancy fancy part of San Francisco. Just like so many of the neighborhoods in SF, the architecture makes an everyday stroll feel like a special activity in itself.

Mensho Tokyo

For us (my lovely husband included) it isn't a trip to San Francisco without a stop at Mensho Tokyo. Mensho is another restaurant that I love even though it is not 100% vegan. First off, their ramen is hands down the best I've ever had, second, their vegan options are absolutely stellar. Every time I eat here, I am looking forward to coming back. It is always consistently that good! They do not accept reservations and their space is relatively small. Expect to stand in a line to get in. There's no where to sit while you are waiting, it's just part of the experience.

Pictured: Yuzu Soda, Vegan Garlic Knockout, Vegan Tantamen


Vegan Picnic

If you are a regular VegShe follower, you already know that I am a sucker for deli food! When I first went vegan, this style of food was the hardest for me to initially find. Vegan Picnic fits the bill. They have everything from chicken and waffle sandwiches to macaroni salad and fudgy chocolate brownies. Vegan Picnic, like the name states, is 100% vegan and completely fantastic. This is a place I would bring my non-vegan friends to any day.

I always eat all of my food before I get a chance to photograph it. For their menu and food photos, check out their website.



If you are looking for fun, eclectic, and weird, Haight-Ashbury is the neighborhood for you. Any time I am looking for a fun day of thrift and vintage shopping, this is where I go.

Vegan Burg

If you are in need of a burger break in between thrift stores, look no further than Vegan Burg. They grill up a mean Impossible Burger.

Pictured: Smoky BBQ Impossible Burger


Ritual Coffee Roasters

Another great establishment, that isn't exclusively vegan, is Ritual Coffee Roasters. It's impossible to have a bad latte from this place. Just ask the staff for vegan recommendations and they will be happy to help you out.

Pictured: Oat Milk Latte



I have spent zero time in Brisbane. This is an area I have stopped on my way to and from the airport to get a bite to eat. It seems to be mostly residential and on the days it is windy, it is crazy windy.

Chef Reina

If you have an appreciation for authentic Filipino cuisine, that's also 100% vegan, Chef Reina is your place. This spot has a cute little window for ordering your food. Even though there are only a couple of tables out front, this location is only a block away from a lovely local park. Chef Reina was born in Dumaguete City on the Philippine island of Negros. She moved to the bay area in the 90's and today she is sharing her gift of cooking and culture.

If you have time on your way to and from the airport, I highly recommend this spot.

Pictured: OmniPork Spam Musubi, Chicken Adobo


San Francisco is a place that has so much to offer. I go every year and I never run out of things to do. I highly recommend that you take a trip to this wonderful city.

If you get a chance to visit San Francisco, I want to hear all about your vegan finds!

Be sure to comment below with your favorites!


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