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Natural Products Expo 2024

The Natural Products Expo is a huge trade show that takes place on the East and West coast every year. It's the largest trade show of its kind. This year's event had an attendance of over 70,00 people.

I've attended this event four times and every year and I am excited to see more and more plant-based companies.

I am going to share some of my favorite products that should be hitting store shelves this year.

Lifestyle || The Unscented Company's Household Cleaners

As a migraine sufferer, I have spent a lot of time in search of personal and home care products that are fragrance free. The Unscented Company is a woman owned, cruelty free, and Canadian business that focuses on clean and sustainable ingredients. Their packaging is completely plastic free. Check out their product line here.

Supplement || Garden of Life's Organic Greens

Drinkable greens were all the rage at this year's NPE. I tasted a few different options and compared prices and flavors before choosing a favorite. The Garden of Life Organic Greens is a clear winner. With 66 superfoods, vitamins, pre and probiotics from whole foods, this product is a great way to incorporate more greens into your life. I believe it's a good options for days when your nutrition isn't as on point as you'd like it to be. I don't see this being an every day supplement which might help justify the $50 price tag a bit. The flavor tastes like apples and berries, not grass or veggies. Garden of Life is a company I've trusted for years because of their rigorous product testing. Check it out here.

Beverage || Seedlip's Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Non-alcoholic beers and spirits were popular at the expo this year. As someone who can't have more than one drink without triggering a migraine, upset stomach, and insomnia, I am excited about this option. Their products are slightly more herbaceous than the liquor they are replicating but I enjoyed the samples and would love to see this option at restaurants and bars.

Breakfast || YoEgg's Poached Egg

Yo Egg has an over easy "egg" that has been available in select restaurants for some time. Their released of the poached "egg" is a game changer! The texture and flavor remind me so much of a real poached egg, less the gag-iness of real egg.

Meat || Impossible Hot Dog

Full transparency, I've never really liked hot dogs (vegan or otherwise). This product has the flavor and texture of an animal-based hot dog without the strange processed meat after taste. Impossible recently underwent a major rebrand. You can find their new red packaging and products at a retailer near you. I buy my Impossible burgers at Costco and other Impossible products at Sprouts.

Sushi || Konscious Foods Kimbap

I have always loved Kimbap but it is having a MOMENT right now.

Whenever its in stock, I usually buy Kimbap at Trader Joe's.

Konscious Foods has a wonderful line of vegan frozen sushi, poke bowls, and onigiri. I am over the moon that they've added Kimbap to their lineup.

Dessert || Omni's Black Sesame Bao Buns

Omni is known for their vegan "spam" alternatives. After releasing vegan pork products they released various dumpling and bao options. This is their first attempt at a dessert. As a HUGE fan of black sesame bao buns, I am excited that this will be available in the freezer section.

Cheese || UmYum's Rinded Brie

UmYum is a brand that I've been following for a couple of years now. This Canadian company has curated some of the best vegan cheeses I've ever tasted. Their rined brie is indistinguishable from its dairy counterpart. The founders of this company are not afraid to produce bold flavors like black pepper with coffee and blue. Learn more about their products here.

Yogurt || Iceland Provisions' Oatmilk Skyr

For years I have enjoyed a Silk Soy Yogurt cup as a late night snack. It has a decent amount of protein but, the texture is kind of runny.

Icelandic Provisions has just released their new oatmilk skyr and it is amazing. Not only does this oat based yogurt have 12 grams of protein, the texture is out of this world. You can actually flip the cup of yogurt upside down and it won't fall out. They are selling everything from plain to mango passionfruit. Check out this new product at Sprouts and Whole Foods.

Sauce || Truff's Jalapeno Lime Hot Sauce

Our household has been big fans of Truff for years! Their line of oils, salts, and sauces are excellent. All of their products (with the exception of their mayos) are vegan. Their new Jalapeno Lime Black Truffle hot sauce is as good as it sounds. This elevated Jalapeno hot sauce is my new go-to.

If there's a vegan product you've been waiting for or want to know more about, comment below.


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