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Vegan In Austin

Vegan in Austin with VegShe. I had the pleasure of visiting Austin for the second time in March of 2022. I created an itinerary for the trip based on the vegan hot spots I wanted to try. I didn't get to every place on my list but I am going to share the places I did get to try (some more than once).


Rebel Cheese

Rebel Cheese is a 100% vegan deli, cheese, and wine shop in Austin, TX. They even have a monthly cheese subscription you can receive by mail. This restaurant has been on my wish list for quite some time. Naturally, I ate there three times during my short three day visit to Austin.

I tried their caprese sandwich, reuben sandwich, tomato soup, and their charcuterie board. I loved everything I tried and I am already dreaming about going back.


Conscious Cravings

Conscious Cravings is a vegan food truck that specializes in salads and wraps. Their dressings and herb blends are house made. I had the blackened tofu wrap with baked rosemary fries and my friends ordered the BBQ seitan wrap. While I enjoyed my meal, this wasn't necessarily the highlight of my dining experience in Austin.


Plow Bao

Plow Bao is a vegan food truck that specializes in dim sum and bao deliciousness! I ordered the panfried "pork" dumplings and the "crab" rangoon. This was one of my favorite meals of the trip. The food was so well seasoned and absolutely scrumptious.


Vegan Nom and Milky Way Shakes

Both of these food trucks are parked in the same lot so I was able to get to two places on my list at one time.

Vegan Nom is known as Austin's "Best" vegan taco truck. I ordered the Hella Quesadilla which was grilled and filled with "beef", lettuce, pico, cheddar, crema, chipotle, and green onions. This tasty quesadilla was COVERED with delicious sauce. It kinda reminded me of an elevated Taco Bell Mexican Pizza.

Milky Way Shakes

Milky Way Shakes is a magical vegan milkshake trailer located in the same lot as the Vegan Nom truck. They are 100% vegan and their ice cream is made in-house from a special blend of almond and coconut milk. Their mix-ins are made with non-dairy milks and aquafaba in place of egg whites. I ordered the Chocolate Eclipse shake which was made with fudge, Pie Jacked brownies, dark chocolate almond bark, and a dark chocolate almond moon topper. I would definitely go back to Milky Way Shakes to try more of their delicious treats.



OMG Squee is NOT a vegan establishment. As of this trip, they were only offering alternative milks for their boba beverages. I visited OMG Squee to support this small business after seeing the owner featured on Queer Eye Season 6 Episode 9. Since this place has become so popular, they often sell out of their items by mid-day. When I arrived before noon, they were already sold out of boba. I ordered the Ube Milk tea with Oat Milk. It was a tasty and sweet treat. I can't say that I'd be willing to stand in line again for the same drink. If they offered more vegan items, I'd reconsider.


Mad Greens (Austin Airport)

Because my visit was only for three nights, I was back at the airport in no time. Before my flight, I made a stop at Mad Greens for a healthy meal. I ordered the Buddha Bowl which was made up of a wild rice blend, Pir-Piri, organic tofu, spinach, red onions, pumpkin seeds, edamame, carrots with citrus Hoisin dressing. It was a flavorful and filling option before my flight home.


Austin was a very vegan friendly place to visit and I can't wait to go back. Below is a list of the places that were recommended to me that I didn't have time to try:

L'il Nonas

Possum Pizza Food Truck

Beer Plant

Forking Vegan

Revolution Vegan Kitchen


If you get a chance to visit Austin, I encourage you to try all of these places and let me know what you think! You can tag me on Instagram @veg_she


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