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Vegan Vacation || Dining in O'ahu & Maui

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

I am going to start by saying that we made this a very food-centric trip. We went to so many different places that this blog entry should be really helpful for vegan folks traveling to O'ahu and/or Maui. Some of these restaurants are not strictly vegan but they had enough options that we were able to enjoy a meal at their establishment. I am also including markets we shopped at for groceries.

To simplify, I'll give you my most and least favorite from O'ahu and Maui.

O'ahu Most Favorite: AV Restaurant

O'ahu Least Favorite: Olena Cafe (it wasn't bad but the options were limited)

Maui Most Favorite: Moku Roots

Maui Least Favorite: Hana Ranch Restaurant (We really only ate here because we were in Hana overnight. The pictures online make it seem much nicer than it actually is. The menu was VERY limited for vegans and all of the beverages were really watery (I am referring to non-alcoholic drinks)

I've broken down our food stops based on the island, starting with O'ahu.


ABC Market


Whole Foods

ABC Market

Moku Roots Check out my interview with MR co-owner Alexa linked here.

Sprout Vegan Cafe (Permanently Closed)

These are the best donuts you will ever have in your life.

If you make it out to Hawai'i and have food recommendations to share with me, please comment below.



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